We are inventors and entrepreneurs…  just like you!

Tyler Bragnalo and Kevin Van Huygevoort

…inventors, entrepreneurs, and machine shop owners!


Tyler and Kevin started Kam Valley Industries in 2007, a modern CNC machine shop which provides world-class product design, CNC machining, and aluminum anodizing services to clients in Northwestern Ontario.

Using cutting edge robotic manufacturing technologies, Kam Valley Industries can produce cost effective products with exacting precision.

When Tyler is not busy turning customer’s designs into real prototypes using state of the art CNC equipment, you can probably find him in his workshop using woodworking tools to create log furniture for his hand built, off grid log home.

As a craftsman with over 20 years of experience in the log building industry, Tyler’s keen attention to detail is carried through to his current trade at Kam Valley Industries. Tyler is a Certified SolidWorks Professional and Mechanical Designer with an enthusiastic knack for creating simple solutions for often overly complex ideas.

Many of Kam Valley’s clients walk through the door with nothing more than an idea or napkin sketch, and by working one-on-one with the client, Tyler can take a design from concept to  3D model, to prototype, and finally to production.

Tyler also founded LogPro Tools, a subsidiary of Kam Valley Industries that produces premium woodworking tools for clients who appreciate quality. Being both the manufacturer as well as the designer and reseller brings a whole new level of understanding to this industry, and this knowledge is transferred directly to Kam Valleys many clients.

With over 20 years of experience as a cabinet and furniture maker, Kevin understands the importance of setting up the tools properly before they make the first cut, which is why he is Kam Valley’s CNC setup and programming guru.

Using GibbsCam and SolidWorks, Kevin will take a client’s manufacturing project and find the most cost effective way to program and fixture the machines for large or small production runs. Effective production fixturing is one of Kam Valley’s many strengths, and this translates directly into cost savings for our manufacturing clients.

Kevin has worked with many clients who are looking for a way to transition into volume manufacturing without having to look overseas to remain competitive. By utilizing advanced CNC equipment coupled with effective setup and fixturing, Kam Valley can make local manufacturing a reality.

When Kevin isn’t at Kam Valley pressing buttons on our 5 axis CNC machines, he is often out in the wilderness, backpacking or fishing at some remote Northern Ontario lake. Kevin is also an avid musician, carpenter, and competitive badminton player.

As a long time employee of Kam Valley, Corey creates a bridge between the world of 3D models and the CNC machines that produce the parts. Corey can take a customer’s CAD design, and provide a programming solution that will allow parts to be machined in the most cost effective manner possible, while at the same time maintaining exact tolerances.

Corey is trained in both GibbsCam as well as SolidWorks, and has the ability to find solutions for manufacturing runs of any size as well as one-off prototypes.

Corey’s knack for simplifying the number of required manufacturing steps makes him a great asset to our team. When not in the shop, Corey is an avid outdoor explorer.

Todd has been Kam Valley for over 5 years, and currently manages our anodizing and finishing shop, which produces high quality, surface finishes and branding for our many manufacturing clients.

With a university chemistry degree, Todd is right at home in our anodizing lab, which is an environment that requires both chemistry skills coupled with the ability to perform a little black magic. Todd is also a black belt Judo instructor, and musician.

Kam Valley is well known for producing exceptional quality anodized finishes, a value added service that can be added to production runs along with our prototyping service.

Brad brings electronics design and programming skills to Kam Valley, allowing us to offer technical integration services to our product design suite.  The ability to merge electronics with mechanics means that we can develop complex products that require a circuit board or user interface completely in-house.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of Research and Development, Brad always enjoys a technical challenge, working with our clients to bring product designs to the next level for manufacturing.

When Brad isn’t at the workbench soldering something, he enjoys writing books and creating DIY plans that teach people how to build their own creations.


To advance intelligent, high quality and innovative design, manufacturing and finishing solutions.

We are more than just a machine shop.

We believe that we don’t just provide parts – we provide a service.


We like to work closely with our clients to ensure they are getting the highest-quality and most sustainable manufacturing solution for their situation. Our design expertise, and our experience with manufacturing technologies, allows us to advise and collaborate constructively, guaranteeing that more quality is built into the part, and that fixturing is more efficient and effective.

We strive to push our industry ahead, not just by making parts according to specification, but by being mindful of how we approach all aspects of our enterprise. This includes everything from the ways in which we interact with our clients to ensuring our processes are environmentally responsible.

A machine shop makes parts. Of course, we are good at that as well, but being more than just a machine shop means that we can work with you during every stage of your product evolution, right from conceptual design all the way through to production.

We have had clients come through our door with nothing more than a great idea and a napkin sketch. Being inventors and entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that great ideas must begin someplace, and we look forward to working with you as you commercialize your innovations.

Your success is our success, and no matter the level of assistance your project requires, our 5 axis CNC machines are ready to deliver your production parts with exceptional tolerance, even in low quantity runs.

From 20 to 200… We are your manufacturing partner.