Proven Experience Bringing Ideas from Concept to Production

Through the use of industry standard 3-D modeling software and a sound background in both mechanical engineering and manufacturing, Kam Valley can help you bridge that critical gap between Idea and Prototype.

Designing for manufacturability is our specialty. We will always be on the lookout for ways to reduce your eventual manufacturing costs.

High Level Computer Aided Design – CAD

Kam Valley uses SolidWorks to effectively communicate your technical information. Whether its 2-D shop drawings or 3-D solid models; we’ll work with you to develop a product you have confidence to move forward with.

Finite Element Analysis – FEA

Throughout the design process, we constantly assess the mechanical integrity of your model. This allows us to maximize the functionality of your concept while reducing the cost associated with its manufacturability.

Virtual Prototyping

We will assemble your components into a fully dynamic virtual model, complete with realistic appearances, component mass properties and other relevant physical constants. This will give you the ability to evaluate your concept for both aesthetics and functionality, before valuable resources are dedicated to physical prototyping.

3-D Product Visualization and Animation

Kam Valley can assist you in harvesting high quality imagery for your product documentation and market development needs, directly from your existing 3-D CAD data. This imagery may take the form of animated assembly, or exploded view sequencing, full motion animations of your mechanism or realistic renderings of you product for focus group feedback.