img_0281sCNC Manufacturing

Our CNC facility is centred on prototype development and small to medium run production manufacturing.

We enjoy working with innovators, helping them bring their prototypes to life.man_gibbs

We also have the capacity to handle ongoing production jobs, and can work with you to develop an effective strategy for batch delivery of multi part assemblies.

High Speed And High Performance Machining

Wherever possible, we attempt to use high speed and high performance methods to achieve the best possible part finish in the least amount of time. Affordable quality is our goal.

Efficient Small to Medium Run Production

Whether its 2 parts or 2000 parts; we can accommodate many of your manufacturing requirements.

If your project can be more efficiently handled by another method or facility, we’ll let you know. We can tap into our extensive network of suppliers, helping you establish the best possible manufacturing solution for your product.

CNC Programming

We use industry standard CAM software to create effective and efficient CNC programs.

Our contract programming services extend beyond developing code, into fixture design and process consulting. Have us look at your part. We may be able to reduce your costs.

We take pride in developing methods that make sense for the scale of your project, being careful to reassess and redevelop those methods as the scale grows.