From 20 to 2000, We are Your Production Partner

Camera Slider Complete Assembly

When we say that we are more than just a machine shop, we mean it. As a total solution provider, we offer product design, prototyping, testing, production, finishing, and assembly under one roof. It doesn’t get any more efficient than that. Call us when you need another production run, and we will call you when the products are boxed and ready to go. One-stop shopping for real.

Our advanced fixturing processes allow for effective production runs of any size, while at the same time maintaining exacting tolerances. For this reason, many of our long term repeat clients are known in their respective industries for their attention to detail and superior product quality. Some of our other value added production services include; logo design, anodizing, laser etching, and support documentation design. We also understand that a design must evolve in order to remain competitive, which is why we work directly with clients from concept to production during a product lifecycle.

This professional grade camera slider product incorporates many high precision components machined from Aluminum and Acetal.  Kam Valley produces this complete product from start to finish.  In fact we have been involved in this project though 4 distinct launch cycles.

Camera Slider being assembled

Anodized parts ready for QC

Parts ready for assembly

Modular Woodworking Tools

Being inventors as well as entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the expectations our clients have when entrusting us with their manufacturing requirements.  Kam Valley has several subsidiary companies that sell professional grade products to the consumer market, and yes… we do produce our own products completely in house, using the same advanced 5 axis CNC machines that produce parts for our clients.

Our line of professional grade woodworking tools are targeted at customers who believe that a carpenter is only as good as their tools, and that it is worth investing in a quality tool that will perform for a lifetime. When we manufacture products for our clients, we offer the same level of attention to detail and quality that we do when producing our own line of products, no matter the size of the production run.

Modular tenon cutters complete

Machined parts to be anodized

Anodized adapter rings

UAV Propellor Adaptor Plate

Kam Valley is well known for being able to produce high precision components based on a very strict set of constraints such as tolerance and weight.  As a solution provider for several aerospace projects, we are often tasked with shaving off every last ounce of material from a component without compromising function or structural integrity. This is where our advanced CAD modeling and simulation skills get to shine.

Currently, we produce several extremely high tolerance and weight sensitive components for clients that offer small to medium sized unmanned aircraft systems. Our aerospace components must tolerate extreme vibration, thousands of RPM, and must be designed in such a way as to remove all unnecessary material so that flight times are maximized. Our UAV propeller adapter plate is a prime example of a weight reduced, high precision component produced for the aerospace industry.

Variable pitch prop assembly

CNC machined adapter plate

Small run production parts

Camera Mount Base Frame

We enjoy the challenge of producing complex machined components for our clients, finding ways to make something work through efficient fixturing and setup. Many times, an initial design will not consider the complexity and cost of manufacturing, but as a complete manufacturing solution provider, we work directly with our clients to come up with a solution that balance both cost and function.

This aluminum camera mount base frame is a good example of a complex component that removes more than 90 percent of the original material. Using our advanced 5-axis CNC machines along with effective fixturing, we are able to produce these components in a cost effective manner in both small and  medium sized production runs. We also provide the anodizing service in-house.

Complex machined component

Mass producing CNC parts

Anodized parts ready to ship

Electric UAV Composite Parts

Small, complex, nonstandard materials… none of that scares us! Many of our volume produced CNC components are made from something other than basic steel or aluminum, and we can maintain tight tolerances at any size. Acetal, nylon, plastic, carbon fibre, brass, and Inconel are just a few of the materials we have machined for our production clients.

These tiny composite components are part of a complex propeller housing used in an electric drone. Spinning at over 6000 RPM, we had to maintain a strict adherence to tolerance in a repeatable manner, which was no problem for our 5-Axis CNC machines. Kam Valley currently produces several components for the aerospace industry.

Micro UAV components

Tiny composite machined parts

Large or small, we can make it!

Linear Bearing Housing

We produce many components for companies that offer products to the professional market. A high quality component requires a strict attention to detail, not just in the machining tolerance, but in the finishing as well. Kam Valley offers high quality anodizing, as well as branding services to our clients, so we really are one stop shopping. Our finishing services can also help you during the prototyping stage so that you can visualize a product before production. We can even help you design the artwork or logo for your brand.

This linear bearing housing is one of the many components that make up a complete product that we produce for one of our clients. This product starts as a raw aluminum stock, and goes out the door as machined, anodized, and branded product.

Branded and anodized parts

QC checked and completed

Parts ready to ship

Acetal Linear Track Wheels

Composite and plastic materials are becoming very common in product design, especial when weight and strength become a factor. Kam Valley has worked extensively with many of these specialty materials on various production products, helping our clients to reduce both cost and weight from existing designs. We also work with plastic injection molding, including the design of tooling dyes.

This commercial camera slider product utilizes acetal plastic wheels and a high tolerance carbon fibre track to produce extremely smooth linear motion. Kam Valley has been deeply involved in the design, testing, and production of this product, and we take great pride in knowing that our client is considered to be one of the best in the industry.

Large volume production runs

Quality testing components

Complete assembly services

Engine Cylinder Head

A machine shop makes parts. Of course, we are good at that as well, but being more than just a machine shop means that we can work with you during every stage of your product evolution, right from conceptual design all the way through to production.

We have had clients come through our door with nothing more than a great idea and a napkin sketch. Being inventors and entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that great ideas must begin someplace, and we look forward to working with you as you commercialize your innovations.

Machined engine cylinder head

Complex CNC machining

Completed and anodized parts

From 20 to 200… We are your manufacturing partner.