From Napkin Sketch to Working Prototype – We Can Get You There

Variable Pitch Propeller Housing

We are driven by the challenge to find creative solutions to unconventional problems, and we do not recognize the phase “that can’t be done”. Being inventors ourselves, we understand the need to find solutions that not only address the technical hurdles, but also the requirement for cost effective manufacturing.

Our Variable Pitch propeller design is a good example of how engineering combined with creative thinking can result in a solution that greatly simplifies a complex problem. Using only passive forces, our unique design removes all of the external control hardware to achieve the same result in a self-contained system that is both robust and easy to manufacture.

3D CAD Design in Solidworks

Machined prototype parts

Completed propeller design

High Precision Carbon Fibre Slider

There are countless machine shops out there willing to crank out sub-quality “budget” parts. That is not us. In fact, many of our production clients are known in their respective industries for being at the top of their game when it comes to product quality, and this is something we can appreciate.

This high precision professional grade camera slider was designed and validated using our advanced 3D CAD modeling software, and is now produced in volume using our 5 axis CNC machines to ensure the quality that our client demands. Our effective automated fixturing technologies further reduce the cost of production runs, and allow our client to order on a just in time basis.

3D CAD motion simulation

Bearing and material testing

Completed test prototype

Commercial Aircraft Hinge Components

When making aircraft components, accuracy and repeatability are extremely important, which is why we have become well versed in creating and using advanced fixturing techniques.  Our custom fixturing systems also allow for effective probing and quality control using our 5 axis CNC machines.

Kam Valley’s advanced fixturing systems ensure repeatable quality as well as cost effective volume manufacturing by reducing the number of times a component must be fixture during the manufacturing process. This aircraft hinge is a good example of a low volume production part that has been extensively fixtured for both high tolerance as well as cost effective manufacturing.

Fixture design in SolidWorks

QC check using CNC machine

Completed aircraft hinges

Custom Drill Transmission and Housing

Many of our clients walk through the door with garage built prototypes that need to be carved into production ready products. Being inventors and entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the numerous steps that an idea must traverse in order to go from a napkin sketch to a commercial ready product. Kam Valley enjoys working with inventors through all stages of the design and validation process, right through to commercialization.

Our custom designed drill housing and transmission is part of a product that started life as a garage made prototype, and has matured through several versions to become a viable product with patented technology. As inventors that own an advanced CNC machine shop, we are always considering manufacturability and cost as we work through revisions, so the outcome is always a viable product that can be produced.

3D CAD model concept

Machined test prototype

Custom drill chuck design

Complex Machined Inconel Screen

Aluminum and steel represents a large portion of our CNC work, but we also work with many other materials such as brass, nylon, composites, and many specialty metals. Inconel Alloy is a very hard nickel chromium material that many machine shops won’t touch, but we fear no challenge, and look forward to the challenge.

This very complex Inconel screen plate started off as a solid disc, and using carefully planned machining operations, we turned it into this high precision component that was ready for use in the superconductor industry. Kam Valley is well known for our ability to work with difficult materials as well as complex designs, so if your next project is being declined by other shops, please give us a call.

3D model design and simulation

Completed CNC machined part

Machined Inconel part detail

Electronic Propeller Control System

Many products require the fusion of mechanical components along with electronic and electrical systems, and yes… we do that too! Being able to design complex circuit boards as well as the embedded electronics and software means that we are one stop shopping when it comes to product design and manufacturing. Our electronic integration services include circuit board design, micro-controller programming, and electrical control systems design.

This miniature UAV propeller housing project required a tiny computer to be placed inside the hub in order to capture and send data from several sensors out to a data logging system. With only half an inch of space to work with, it was certainly a challenge to place a custom designed circuit board and control system into a housing that would be vibrating and spinning at speeds of over 6000 rpm, but we made it work, and had fun doing it. If your black box requires a brain, we look forward to finding a solution for you.

Electronics installed in housing

Assembling internal components

Custom wind tunnel testing

Helical Wood Cutting Tool

In order for a product to outperform the competition, it often requires a unique solution to a problem that cannot be solved using off the shelf components. This is where Kam Valley enters the picture. Instead of searching for a ready-made solution that works well, we create our own solution that works perfectly. Many of our clients bring us prototypes built with off the shelf components, and it is our job to redesign the hardware for manufacturability, balancing cost and complexity while maintaining quality.

Our custom designed helical wood cutting tool represents a solution to a problem that was not currently available. As part of a much larger computer controlled machine we developed, this cutter offers extreme precision and efficiency to the overall design. Creating a custom tool often requires working with complex and difficult to machine geometry, but we are well versed in this area.

Solidworks conceptual design

Prototypes for cutting tests

Cutter with carbide inserts

Wind Tunnel Data Capture System

Kam Valley is heavily involved in the aerospace industry, with investments in several patented designs and technologies. During the design phase of several unmanned aircraft projects, we required the services of a facility with wind tunnel testing capabilities, so instead of waiting in line for our turn, we just decided to build our own system.

Our medium scale wind tunnel facility incorporates just about every technology we offer, from high precision CNC machined components to custom designed embedded computer control systems. We can now design and validate aerospace components completely in-house, using our own test facility to greatly improve the design cycle. We also offer many custom designed testing solutions to clients wanting to validate their products before bringing them to market.

Wind Tunnel and DAC Systems

Electric motor and prop test

Wind tunnel output housing

Embedded Systems Design and Programming

A great many products include an electronic and electrical component along with the hardware. As your complete solution provider, Kam Valley also offers a full suite of electronic integration services that include circuit board design, embedded systems programming, and electrical control systems to complement our advance CNC machining capabilities.

In order to give your products that competitive edge, we work with the most cutting edge design technologies available, and can provide electronic integration solutions for projects of all sizes. Maybe your project simply requires a battery indicator light, or maybe you need an entire user interface with a touch screen and PC support software. Either way, Kam Valley looks forward to helping you find the best manufacturing solution for your products, and we will do it completely in house.

Circuit design in PCB CAD

Installing PCB components

Production coding and testing

From 20 to 200… We are your manufacturing partner.